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Day 1 of DevCon is going strong! Thanks to @WeTekOfficial for sponsoring!

Add-on Spotlight: Mixcloud

Listen to great radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mix sets on-demand.

Skin Spotlight: Adonic

This is a brand new skin that has just been added to our repository for v17.

Wiki Spotlight: Quick Start Guide

New to Kodi? Here's a useful guide to get you started.

Skin spotlight:

Pellucid is a clean and simple Kodi experience designed for maximum usability and minimum fuss.

Add-on Spotlight:

Apple iTunes Podcast Browser

Browse & search for thousands of free Podcasts
NO iTunes Required!

Add-on Spotlight:

Jupiter Broadcasting - Watch shows from the Jupiter Broadcasting Network.

We already told you about the new voice search feature added to upcoming Kodi v18 and here's the showcase video

Thanks for testing. Sadly Samsung Mobile really broke the Nougat Update. Android 7 is unusable with Float format. We won't workaround that.

@sergioad No there is no chance of an official add-on at the moment. If you want to play with the unofficial one here are the details:

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