Add-on Spotlight: Wired

WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation.

Addon Spotlight: TubeCast

An implementation of the Cast V1 protocol in Kodi to act as a player for the Youtube mobile application.

Add-on Spotlight: - The World's Top Destination For Comic, Movie & TV news.

Add-on Spotlight:

Live and catchup TV for France Télévisions channels

(Some streams may be georestricted to France)

Wiki Spotlight

Ever wondered what to do with all those Extras on DVD and Blurays? Why not add them to Kodi.

Read our wiki page on Add-on:Extras here:

Add-on Spotlight: News Blender

Access worldwide news from over 5,000 news sources and blogs in one plugin.

Installing the official Kodi Android APK files made easy. Select from release or nightly (be careful) versions.

Add-on Spotlight: Earth Touch

The latest news and emerging stories about the natural world.

PSA: The forum server will be physically migrated to a new datacenter. Expect a large downtime of the forum between the 27th & 29th of Sept.

Wiki Spotlight: MySQL

Store & sync information about your media libraries in a central database.

Add-on Spotlight: USTVnow

US television for American military and citizens abroad.

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