"A Silent Voice" was so beautiful. Read the manga, and I felt the movie did a lot of justice to it!

a flock of sparrows
a snail crawling
and sings

"a revolution is a revolution. you can't say it's only a half"

well, V I "Lenin" Ulyanov, hear me out icosahedron.website/media/rHMn

Perhaps in honour of Mothra's Day we should all watch our favourite Gojira films.

Movie: Angel's Egg (1985).
Genres: Fantasy, Post-Apocalypse, Fantasy World, Twisted, New, Thriller, Dark Fantasy.

These Will Have Been Merely To Acknowledge

They will sort
the plums
who were within an icebox

and that
they had probably lowered
within breakfast

Garotte us
they were delicious
especially sweet
and equally cold

"no one cares about late UC because everyone is just a zeon clone"

oh thank goodness that there were no zeon clones after V

Anyone have a 3DS? I have a few JP and EN games I can play with people on~ Recently just got a cute game called "Fantasy Life."

Could anyone of the Japanese speakers help me learn Japanese fluently?

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