Too many ideas for projects kicking around in my head. Reading through other games helps me refine.

So what TTRPGs should I read through?

Attempting to move from cPanel to Plesk. We'll see how this goes.

It's not Scotland, despite how much I might wish it were sometimes, but damned if the Ozarks can't muster up some pretty gorgeous sights as well.

Trying out Mastodon a bit again, but the trick is finding people worth following.

Any recommendations?

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Little do you know the only reason I set up a mastodon instance is so I can steal everyone's jokes and repost them to my family on facebook.

I'm playing 7D chess and you don't even know.

Any recommendations on good accounts to follow here?

So.... Anyone posting here in the US? Central, by any chance?

Well, this is certainly interesting. Now how to find people?

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