India’s # of new COVID cases reported daily in India is now *2 US, with the country poised to overtake Brazil as the nation with the second-highest number of total cases. But, given 24% yoy contraction in GDP, gov has no option but to reopen.

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Robinhood faces a U.S. regulatory probe into whether the firm properly informed brokerage clients that it sold their stock orders to high-frequency traders and other Wall Street firms, sources say

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Re @Curvelino It's ridiculous. We don't even talk to RT let alone the fucking Russian government. I can't believe I can now tweet something that might start a war . . .

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Spectacular @KeiserReport featuring Willem Middelkoop in the lovely but won't stop raining .

I highly recommend the full episode.👇
- Is the public catching on to and looting and plundering?
- Gold pool suppression schemes on borrowed time?

willem middelkoop: @maxkeiser and @stacyherbert invited me back to their show, after a first appearance in 2015.

We revisited the Big Reset thesis and discussed a Gold Revaluation

starts at 12.55'

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