My wife, mumbling to herself in the other room: Got some fucking dental glue... some fake blood... now we're ready to party

Upside of job: full WPATH recommended transgender health coverage. Super trans positive culture and environment.

Downside of job: Super stressful, trapped forever because nobody else has health coverage for transitioning

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kink shitpost 

Just a shoutout to the Science Vs podcast. They have a really great episode called The Science of Being Transgender that I plan on recommending to any friends and family that have questions

transphobia, coming out 

Poly person: hi

Straight people: oh i dont have a problem with polyamory, it would just never work for me! I just dont even know how I would manage with more relationships, just one is enough for me and i can barely keep up with that hahaha oh and don't even get me started on the trust issues!

The continued existence of adobe flash player in 2019 is proof that there is a god and he is uninterested in letting all the sins of humanity go unpunished

My on call pager alarm sound has burned itself into my soul

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I made the mistake of getting battery powered headphones, and now here I am. Getting raw dogged by the actual sounds of the office like a fucking cavewoman

I'm going to try mixing things up, breaking some patterns in my life, setting the volume on the TV to something that isn't a multiple of 2 or 5.

COGIATI, transphobia, it's complicated 

COGIATI, transphobia, it's complicated 

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COGIATI, transphobia, it's complicated 


Doing a crossword on Sunday morning with your orange juice like a 50s dude living living at the peak of patriarchy

Ugh why do promotions and staying employed have to depend on "taking initiative" and "leadership"

Maybe I just want to sit here and do straightforward work at an acceptable quality and get paid

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