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Today’s GOP talking point is that it’s perfectly fine to shake hands with people and take your chances. Kind of like having sex without protection and then making the woman pay the price. Except this time it is our parents and kids at risk.

FYI folks, Biden is speaking without notes. And without a teleprompter. Don’t let them smear him.

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Frankly, him congratulating Biden, then turning to the camera and going "All right Trump, now we're BOTH coming for you" would be pretty badass.

@tsturm FWIW, I’ve worked from home for years. First thing, I try to get a 4-mile walk in. And then I work standing up until at least noon. It does really make a difference.

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I voted for Joe Biden today! We had a great turnout and now I am tired girl. Great day! Go Joe!

Sorry to mastodon folks, here’s what it says:

“I've just been informed by someone who would DEFINITELY know that @BernieSanders will announce that he will suspend his campaign on Wednesday or Thursday.”

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@lakesideliberal OMG no lie. Every answer is like a damn campaign speech

Please make James Carville stop. Please.

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Well, I guess it's safe to say that Bernie's success in 2016 was due to the anti-Hillary vote rather than the pro-Bernie votes.

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Looks like it's over for Bernie. Not that he'll drop out, but it's over.

Steve Kornacki really, really wants a horserace and it’s not happening

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So, this is going on while people (Sanders supporters/bots) are arguing with me at the other site that Russian interference is a made-up thing and that Dem Exit is real:

An unqualified "acting" DNI is refusing to meet with Congress about Russian efforts to undermine US elections because it might upset Russia's Agent Orange. (Who, by the way, is likely the chief beneficiary of said Russian efforts.)

Ask yourself why Russia is anti-Biden and was anti-Hillary.

You can watch the election returns live with us in 30 minutes or so at Crooks and Liars.

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No audience for the next debate on Sunday. (Next and final)

If only they all had been this way.

Your hourly reminder: Hunter Biden is not Joe Biden.

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