I just wanted to add my two cents again- After looking at Washington State #’s, Sanders has a .02 margin. Well, actually that’s shouldn’t be a margin, but rather marginal at best. 😎 Bernie needs to back away. Remember he refuses to join the a Democratic Party. Who needs this crap. Be a man Sanders and back out now.
I will see you all on Friday. Stay strong, healthy and don’t forget to laugh. ☮️🗽🇺🇸


@FullPackagePro .2 percent is the spread. Just over 2,000 votes. And that’s before the rest of the late mail-in votes are counted. I don’t think he’s going to win there.

I have worked in politics for over 2 decades. I have watched numbers rise and fall only to come to an ending that surprises almost everyone. I will wait until all the votes are in.

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