Fascinating to see Fox News and Washington Times pimping Bernie today.

@Karoli My dad and two of my brothers are in the cult. They were all offended on Bernie’s behalf (pfft!) about how 2016 was rigged against him (haha!) even though I’ve heard each and every one of them rant about welfare, socialism, etc. (LOL forever!)

@Karoli I’ve all but quit seeing or talking to them because they only keep getting worse. I’ve tried to reason with them but it only gets everyone angry, especially me. When I do talk to them now, I cut off any political talk immediately, even if I have to hang up the phone or leave.

@NatashaRomanova The two most divisive political figures on the planet: Trump and Bernie. And yes, the wellspring is sexism. :(

@NatashaRomanova I’ve been watching the public timeline for a bit and there are a LOT of Trump supporters pushing Bernie.

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