I have said many times that the Republican Party should die. I did NOT mean that people who are Republicans should die. But that’s where this thing is heading. See Mississippi, for example.


Gives himself a 10 for how he’s handled things. TELL MY FRIENDS WHO CAN’T GET TESTED THAT YOU ORANGE ASSHOLE!

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The more hot air that comes out of his mouth, the more the market tanks. STFU.

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Please shut up, Trump. You’re wrecking my retirement account.

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If you have not voted in your state's primary yet, here are some things you can do:

See if you can vote early. Fewer people at an early voting site means less exposure to germs.

See if you have no-excuse absentee voting or vote by mail and request your ballot now.

If your best option is to vote in person, please still vote on your primary day. Stay a meter (39 inches) away from others and wash your hands after you touch the screen, marker, pen, or anything else that doesn't belong to you.

“Satan turns on his wheel of light,
hovering inside the Senate.”

- Philip Matthews, Morning Star


Google is making a site to identify testing places. Trump can’t resist saying it will be done ‘very quickly, unlike other websites’

Like it would be hard for the owner of Google Maps to do such a thing. JFC, I hate this dude.

Dear President Stupid,

Hourly employees, gig workers, and others are not helped by this. Go ahead, tell my kid that 7.2% of nothing will help her. See what happens next.

Conservative editor writes about Dear Leader, “ I realized the cost of a president having pissed away his authority these past three years, with his daily juvenile tweets and schoolyard rhetoric. “


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They will not.

We've seen enough over the last four years to see that.

We've seen enough over the last thirty, tbqh.

Sweet Jesus, Peter Baker (NYT) actually suggests Trump will “pivot” — STOP with that.

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this thread 👇 (ongoing)

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THREAD: Last Thursday I was admitted to the ER w/ symptoms, including chronic cough, shortness of breath & lung pain. I was given a test and told I’d have the results within 48 hrs. Nearly a week later, I still don’t have the results. 1/N

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@IronMan2020 @lakesideliberal

I think that's what's been most hurtful and disappointing, that some people still don't think a woman can... do anything, really. No matter how intelligent or accomplished.

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C&L will NOT be streaming twitter.com/realDonaldTrump's “address” from the Oval Office. We will review it first, debunk the lies, and then put up any relevant clips.

MSNBC reporting that Trump wants to do rallies because they make him feel good.

Today’s GOP talking point is that it’s perfectly fine to shake hands with people and take your chances. Kind of like having sex without protection and then making the woman pay the price. Except this time it is our parents and kids at risk.

FYI folks, Biden is speaking without notes. And without a teleprompter. Don’t let them smear him.

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