Now I got a proper profile image for all my social network accounts. It was done by the very talented and wonderful @nextjennart - thank you so much!

(and that's only one part of the whole image - which will be revealed in good time ...)

Food, heaven, I fucking love Italy! 

Food, magic 

Food, Italy 


Venice is of course quite touristy even in October and much of the main places are crowded (which I don't care for much)

Nevertheless St Marc's Square really is impressive and if you ever get the chance it's a must see.

And the gtfo of the tourist venues and find the little osteria tucked away in an alley off the trodden paths.

This is what you do on a road trip through Italy.
Cafe e spremuta d'arancia

One of the most beautiful things I have seen from my back porch.
Thought I'll share it with you, because you are as beautiful.

Good morning fediverse!

After being sick for a few days I'm finally enjoying a cup of coffee outside again. What a pleasant way to start the day.

Never forget that

I had to wear a sweatshirt today for my grocery run. 15° and it won't get warmer. (that's like 60F on the weird temp scale)
Yay! 8 weeks of heat wave over.
And it's been raining.
What a great da day.

And good morning to everybody.

This view with my morning coffee - and I know the day's gonna be alright.

My work has a few perks, like the occasional home office day.

One can almost forget about the drudge when the view is like that:

After finishing to feed the evil corporate overlords my precious time today I now prepare to feed its bounciness as well as The Wife some proper ribs.
Yay barbecue.

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