I think you mean 'raises the question'.

You can't non-challenging, non-offensive, and non confrontational, and expect to be a platform for social change.

As calm as a fire ant, as carrot as a bicycle

There are people defending Sean Spicer.

The ability to write a functional SQL query does not make you an expert in IP law. A stunning number of Internet-Americans seem oblivious to this fact.

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So Mastodon's "Tweeting" is called "Tooting"? Did someone run this through their 6 year old son before signing off on it? Calling it Tooting sounds like something you would hear in a 12:45am sketch on SNL.

...and then I sez "Don't look at me, dude... I'm Canadian; our chickens are normal sized..."

an injury-plagued team with questionable depth and talent

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But where is the new social media that bans nazis AND mansplaining, guys

So it was supposed to be a social network, but it ended up quickly evolving into codebros sissyfighting about versioning,

Massive global dumpster fire outbreak.

Mastodon hall monitor proliferation continues.

Freedom will be tightly controlled.

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