.cloud should be up and running flawlessly right now. Enjoy

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus support fast charging and wireless charging for the first time — just like the iPhone X.

Touch ID is a proven entity. Face ID is not.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are powered by the same brains as the iPhone X.

's now allows you to Scan documents into Notes

's now has a screen recorder baked into it's control center.

's now gives you access to quick screenshot editing.

's 11 Mail app gets a feature from last year’s Messages update: you can now add scribbled text to your emails.

giant, , will announce new devices and software today.

Congratulations on your move!

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is expected to unveil three variations of the 8, along with a high-end OLED model, in the US on 12 September.

The leaked prices are therefore expected to be for the standard iPhone 8 – not the Plus models or the OLED variant.

iPhone 8 64GB – $999

iPhone 8 256GB – $1,099

iPhone 8 512GB – $1,199

Apparently the concept of a "job" is only about 200 years old!

is well on the way to changing how a job is performed!

Elon Musk scraps the idea of a Model 3 with a solar panel roof.

and Pixel XL might receive the always-on display feature with the upcoming O update which allows smartphones with displays to show important information on the screen at all times without taking a major hit on battery life. 

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Ever considered the fact that owning and showing off your sticker, makes you a Mastodon Ambassador!

Happy birthday and all the best in making your dreams a reality..
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I want I want I want!

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for Adds Automatic Night Mode......A little too late!

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