So, the next one of my #projects to share is my Free GIS Data site -

It's got over 500 links to freely available geographic data.

I initially created it during my PhD when I kept coming across interesting links and wanted to keep track of them, then decided to share them too. Deliberately kept the website simple (using simple categories and browser page search).

#gischat #opendata #free #gis #geodata #geo #eo

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join the @geography group and tag your posts with group handle to share there

tag your posts with #geography hashtag

follow geographers listed at (you can bulk follow; maintained by @JauneBaguette ), which is being updated from (maintained by me)

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@robkitchin great list of geography accounts. Can I be added to it? Thanks

Does anyone know where the Update SQL Layer context menu went in 3.28? It still appears in the help documentation but does not appear when using a vector layer from PostgreSQL. Thanks

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