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#Streambits #Collea isn't just for messaging, but it's a pretty crucial part of the workflow. So here we are, testing out messaging now. Hello world. πŸ‘‹

Oh and yes, there is a dark mode. πŸ•ΆοΈ

Interested on checking it out in early access when it's ready? Head on over to and sign up to be notified when we roll out invites!

We're thrilled to be launching the first iteration of our website! Check it out to learn about our upcoming products, services, and inquire about our custom solutions! πŸš€

Thought I'd try something new today since sync is planned for next Friday (27.03) to allow for testing. Here's just a highlight of some stuff coming to you next Friday (with more planned next week).

Have a good Friday and weekend folks β™₯️ - Joshua

WTB GNOME Shell 3.36.1 release already please. Can offer my soul.

P.S. Before anyone asks, I intentionally don't use our git support because of the risk of pulling in a bunch of unstable or less conservative changes.

One cup of coffee is not enough today and I'm out of Ibuprofen for this damn headache.

Today is gonna be fun.

13 hours later, the push of the 3.36 Stack Upgrade to the unstable repo is finally complete.

I'm gonna go die now. Or sleep. 😴

The GNOME 3.36 Stack is now in our unstable repository, available for brave testers. If you're interested, check out

Going live for a day of GNOME 3.36 package pushing to the unstable repo and random stuff while waiting for packages to build! Tune in at

While I'm grabbing some food pre-stream, here's a screenshot just showing that I am in fact under GNOME 3.36 on πŸ˜›

Going to be pushing the GNOME 3.36 stack to unstable soon. Seeing as I'll mostly be monitoring our repo server waiting for build completion + indexing, I'm thinking about just streaming it and playing something like Geoguessr while we all wait for longer running builds.

It wouldn't be anything terribly exciting but might give some people a distraction from all the craziness in the world and we can explore random places in the world while we're at it!

Stream is done and basically all work on GNOME stack is done (excluding some things I need to rebase). Time for pasta salad and some gaming. Will be testing and pushing out stack upgrade on Monday to unstable, so keep an eye out for that and possibly a blog post!

If you missed any of it, I'll hopefully have it up on my LBRY
channel sometime early next week depending on time, will share links out when it's published. Thanks to all that tuned in live and kept me company and from losing my mind.

Going live for the last day of streaming of the GNOME 3.36 stack upgrade! After that it's all local testing then off to unstable on Monday! Tune in to this hopefully shorter stream of mostly rebuilds and rants at

Just updating a few packages and landing a few patches before the sync, then I'll get the show on the road for last day of GNOME Stack upgrade. Still planning on doing that stream today!

Just got done with an almost 7 hour Day 2 stream for GNOME 3.36 Stack Upgrade for . Almost complete with the upgrade, one final day + shorter stream for tomorrow of mostly safety rebuilds.

Planning on testing it during the weekend and releasing the updates on Monday!

Going live for Day 2 of the GNOME 3.36 Stack Upgrade for over at Let's see how many packages I can get through today.

For those that missed the stream, I recorded it separately in OBS and will publish it to LBRY when I get the chance. Will tweet about it when I release it.

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Just got done with 8 hours of streaming the GNOME 3.36 stack upgrade. Almost halfway done with the stack upgrade locally, aiming on getting to 75% by end of tomorrow's stream. Follow to get notified when I start the tomorrow's stream!

Going live for Day 1 of GNOME 3.36 Stack Upgrade for over at Tune in for rants and musings.

Going to be streaming GNOME 3.36 Stack Upgrade tomorrow (as in March 11th). Already a fair few packages in, even some stable bits pushed to unstable repo already πŸ™‚

Feel free to follow to get notified when I go live!

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