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We're thrilled to announce the availability of the latest 3.32 Stack in the unstable repo, now available to brave testers! Read more about it at

Going to start pushing the GNOME Stack upgrade + Budgie git builds for tomorrow. Keep an eye on our blog for news about it, I'll put one out when the stack upgrade is complete!

That's a wrap on the streaming, stack upgrade is now complete locally! Will be testing it and updating Budgie over next few days, keep an eye on the Solus blog for further updates on it. Thanks to all that tuned in to the over 35 hours of streaming! 🎉

PSA: Will start my Sunday stream in about 30min or so. Just finishing up pre-stream packages that I got stuck on during yesterday's stream.

Going live for Saturday Stack Upgrades for . It's like a party that never ends. Just a really lame party. But you're welcome to join in nevertheless!

Stream will be starting in about an hour! Just sorting out some items that I didn't address on Thursday's stream. Will post when I'm live over at

Some of my fondest gaming memories as a kid were the long hours playing on my Game Boy Color (Blue), whether that was Pokémon, Earthworm Jim, etc.

Not entirely sure when / if I'll be streaming today, I have a server migration I need to do that'll take a few hours at least. If it's not today, I'll stream tomorrow for sure.

Anyone have any recommended alternatives to Google Authenticator? Haven't found anything that isn't tied to a service like LastPass and supports features like search and backup / restore options. Google Authenticator is starting to get unwieldy for me with all my MFA accounts.

Going live for more Stack upgrades. We'll be going through packages like Game of Thrones goes through characters.

Right, time for stream prep! Gonna set up Streamlabs again so might be a bit before I go live, but I'll obviously post when I have done so.

Game plan for today:

1. Get cats some food from store.
2. Get hoooman some coffees.
3. Cleanup python-sip packages and sort out puddletag deprecation.
4. Start streaming more stack upgrading over at

Live on for some more GNOME Stack upgrading as a follow-up to Saturday's Hackfest.

Bryan and I have another planned for this Saturday (April 13th) at 12PM Eastern / 4PM UTC. Bryan will be working on a new implementation of and I'll be working on the Stack upgrade! Tune in at

*or optimizing my 24h each day.

I swear my blog post will have better grammar than my social media posts.

In other news, I have a personal blog post I'm planning on writing about "digital wellness". It's been something on my mind a lot recently and an aspect of my life I'm wanting to improve in 2019, whether it's to help me keep focused, productive, and optimizing my 24h each day.

I have some ideas on (open source) software I'm going to write to satisfy some of my own digital wellness and productivity needs. So stay tuned? 🤷‍♂️

So I decided to (re-)open my @flattr account as I start working more extensively on my own open source projects. If you use something I develop (doubtful, but I've heard crazier things) and want to buy me a beer every once in a while, check me out at

To be clear, this is a personal account for personal use to support development of personal open source software. It's not associated with any other individual(s), project(s), organization(s), etc.

If you're able to achieve a satisfying experience for your existing consumer / user base, those people will become your evangelists. They'll share about how amazing your work is. You'll be happier because they're happier and your consumer / user base will grow organically.

Sean mentions focusing on actions rather than words, community over press. That's something which resonates with me, as someone that spends a large amount of time communicating with the Solus community and very little with press.

At the end of the day, your focus should not always be expanding your consumer base, whether it's for your software, game, or hell even a coffee shop. It should primarily be on working towards providing a more satisfying experience for your existing consumer base.

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