Well it only took 6 hours but finally have shannon cloned to my home server and moving onto unstable. Will be much much faster fortunately because of hardlinks.

Forced me to be productive in other tasks too, so got that going for me.

gnome-upgrade repo created on my home server. Still gotta clone shannon and unstable repos from RIT but making good progress on getting a permanent local repo set up to enable local stack upgrades and validation.

I don't believe in Hell but if there is one, I'm sure I am about to find out what it feels like...

Waiting at the airport to head back to Finland. Certainly enjoyed my vacation!

Ate some delicious food and drank some rather nice red wine from El Mesón de Fuengirola. This was cocktail prawns followed by Queen Beef Steak.

Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. And the sound these sea otters make is so cute too :3

Nothing like some deep fried cod and a Daiquiri de la Fresa after walking around. Nonnom.

Lovely view of some of the city from Espigón De La Playa in Fuengirola

Finally back to a real beach, with soft sand and enjoying the smell of the sea.

I see my cat has had no problems getting used to his carrier.

Well, I think it's probably time to put on thermals because damnnnnn that's cold ❄️

I'm waiting for someone to complain about there being too many updates to budgie-desktop in unstable :P

Well, I guess that likely rules out Rocket Chat as an additional (read: still have IRC) service / platform for @SolusProject to use for chat and support. Fortunately I've seen some good headway on Jitsi-backed voice channels in Riot.


Tried to get ownership of the @SolusProject GitHub org.

*Sighs.* If only it was that easy, GitHub.

@SolusProject Example of the sort of delay I'm talking about. For context, my ticket response on Oct. 20th was informing them of my intent to publish the blog post and providing them the opportunity to respond and resolve the issue. They did not respond until after my second follow-up.

Been working on improving iconography for the Software Center under Solus Plasma Edition (testing). Now using a solus-sc-icons package based on Papirus (without bringing in the entirety of Papirus) for Third Party icons, as well as a multitude of changes to component icons to maximize coverage. 🔥

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