I still have some tweaks I want to do, but here's both Budgie and GNOME Shell 3.34 under 🎉

Budgie: Works ✅
GNOME Shell: No regressions in extensions - Dash to Dock, Impatience, and TopIcons Plus all functional ✅

219 package updates into the GNOME Stack upgrade and I've finally found a competent developer that knows how to properly summarize changelogs of what happened between two major stable releases / series. Good job Epiphany developer.

Everybody else has the tendency to just say "Translation updates" or "new app icon" when in reality there could've been massive, fundamental changes that happened in the 3.33 dev releases that should really be noted when someone is updating between two stable series.

Further update: Currently cooking libwebkit-gtk. Looking at gjs's requirements, looks like it doesn't even need a new mozjs, so I may be able to get away with not having to even bump that.

(That means the sooner I can start streaming, yay.)

A tease of some final touches on the design for the new Packaging section of the upcoming Help Center redesign for .

Yes, that is a Learn Solus Packaging section you see. Yes, that video series will be making a return. The dozens of you that asked for it will be happy 😄

Tune into the ferryd: The SQL hackfest tomorrow to see more! youtube.com/watch?v=lbrV0p1lUI

I've been trying out Firefox Preview for Android and Mozilla certainly wasn't kidding about the speed improvements. Not so sure about the tab switching though.

Leveled up my experience to GitKraken Individual today 🏆 Time to enjoy all the sweet sweet features in GitKraken 6 like tabs! And it's stupid fast now!

Simply the best Git client under .

Well it only took 6 hours but finally have shannon cloned to my home server and moving onto unstable. Will be much much faster fortunately because of hardlinks.

Forced me to be productive in other tasks too, so got that going for me.

gnome-upgrade repo created on my home server. Still gotta clone shannon and unstable repos from RIT but making good progress on getting a permanent local repo set up to enable local stack upgrades and validation.

I don't believe in Hell but if there is one, I'm sure I am about to find out what it feels like...

Waiting at the airport to head back to Finland. Certainly enjoyed my vacation!

Ate some delicious food and drank some rather nice red wine from El Mesón de Fuengirola. This was cocktail prawns followed by Queen Beef Steak.

Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. And the sound these sea otters make is so cute too :3

Nothing like some deep fried cod and a Daiquiri de la Fresa after walking around. Nonnom.

Lovely view of some of the city from Espigón De La Playa in Fuengirola

Finally back to a real beach, with soft sand and enjoying the smell of the sea.

I see my cat has had no problems getting used to his carrier.

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