Why do I get the feeling I'm on a fairly dead Mastodon instance? 8 people using a tag really shouldn't be considered trending 🤦‍♂️

@JoshStrobl @Raxa I really like that Purism removed the 'timelines' for Librem Social. It lets you focus on the content of the people you follow. I get the 'trending' information when I use the search function by the way.

@JoshStrobl It's from all around the network 🙂 Not only local

@JoshStrobl yeh, I regularly consider moving instances. Especially, since this one has gone down a fair number of days in the last year.

@lifeofdan How easy is it even to move to a different instance? Is account transferring a thing or is it just a matter of making a new account and telling everyone to follow you there instead?

@JoshStrobl kind of both. You can export all of your data and then import it into a new account, but then you have to tell everyone about your new account. So it isn’t great :/

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