PSA if you do , MDN isn't accurate in representing Chrome's support (well, lack thereof) for margin/padding block and inline. Had to deal with this when working on the @streambits website and currently on .

@streambits Using block and inline (margin-inline or margin-inline-start, as examples) can greatly simplify support for RTL as well ideographic languages (which can be written LTR or top to bottom), so I was quite surprised when I saw that Chrome lacked support given how diverse Google is.

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@streambits While you 100% can achieve RTL support on websites nowadays, you're likely doing so by using the :dir CSS pseudo-class and the dir attribute on HTML Elements. Hell, even :dir isn't supported in Chrome, and an issue has been open for over 4 years on it.

@streambits What is so bothersome about this as well is companies like Apple pride themselves on accessibility but then don't extend that to the Web (lack of :dir support in Safari). Firefox unsurprisingly supports everything I talked about.

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@streambits So what you end up with is a situation where you'll need / want to use HTML Element dir attribute specific styling, :dir where supported, direction specific margin and padding, and margin / padding block / inline where supported. Just so you're not alienating a bunch of people.

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@streambits That just ends up complicating the implementation of that support and product iteration to the point it has little to no ROI, even for myself sometimes. That's shitty, both developers and end users deserve better.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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@JoshStrobl Actually, you should go and give a TED talk. 😂 I could really learn a few things from you. By the way, what is your primary web browser?

@sudo @sudo My primary browser is Firefox, mainly because of container tabs. Super handy when you're managing multiple accounts / log-ins for various services, or want to isolate things.

@JoshStrobl Oh.... Yeah! I prefer Firefox too. For me, I like it because it is much more secure than most. Do you use the Facebook container too? I don't really have a use for that extension since I am not on Facebook. 😉

@sudo Nah, I haven't felt the need to use it since I have a "Personal" container and uBlock Origin anyways.

@JoshStrobl Is your 'enhanced tracking protection' set to 'strict' too?

@sudo Nah, it's set to standard otherwise it tends to break content embeds.

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