Anyone have any recommended alternatives to Google Authenticator? Haven't found anything that isn't tied to a service like LastPass and supports features like search and backup / restore options. Google Authenticator is starting to get unwieldy for me with all my MFA accounts.

@evelynyap @gotexx @fdroidorg Does it force you to have an authy account or to sync it, rather than just a simple backup / restore from file? Kinda allergic to the idea of having all my TOTP information saved on a server that isn't my own, whether or not it's encrypted.

I use Authy for Twitch but haven't really tested it beyond that.

I didn't sign up when when I first started using it years ago, but I eventually did because I wanted it synced. Maybe you don't need to sign up if you don't intend to sync your across devices.

Also, it works perfectly fine offline.

@gotexx @fdroidorg Both of those are excellent suggestions! Aegis seems a bit too new for me to adopt it for such a major part of my online security but definitely going to look at andOTP.

@JoshStrobl Let me know if you find anything self-hosted. Authy has been great for me but I worry what would happen if their service went down.

@scubasteve TOTP applications don't require network connectivity, Authy seems to work perfectly fine while offline.

@JoshStrobl It's still ultimately tied to their service so I'm relying on their backup to work properly. Looked at andOTP which allows manual encrypted backups but haven't switched.

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