So just a warning but once I'm back from this mini-vacation things are gonna be going crazy in land for the next few weeks.

Don't pay attention to our blog. Nope, don't do it. Also don't pay attention to the download page, nothing is gonna happen in Jan. there. Nope.

@danslerush Oh noes what have I done, people actually follow me :P

@danslerush There I was thinking "let's just talk into the void".

@JoshStrobl : Ah ah ! In space nobody can hear you scream … often (yeah I use a lot of references today) :yay:

@JoshStrobl you tease :) looking forward to that. but will the bug where the notifications go over any panel/plank on the right side ever be fixed? its the ONE thing thats been bugging me every single day since i started using solus

@JoshStrobl doh, thanks anyway. i suppose there is no dirty hack to fix this in some way. it looks all hard coded, in a .so file, which i have no idea how to open/edit

Well because of that, I'm going to pay attention to the blog! #rebell

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