Patreon has now granted access to the Core Team for the Solus Patreon account. We will be doing an assessment of the current funds in the account, last / past withdrawals, etc. and will have a blog post detailing all of it soon. Intent is to be completely transparent.

I've paused our Patreon campaign to hopefully not charge anyone in the meantime. If Patreon still charges you, request a refund immediately. If possible, I will issue it via the Patreon backend as well.


Further follow-up: New post up on our Patreon to more-or-less notify existing Patrons about the situation, as it seems some may not have gotten the notice / read our blogs.

We will still have a blog post on this as soon as possible. Lots of details to go over here.

Last follow-up for "today" (it's almost 3am here): We will have a blog post out sometime today (likely evening GMT+2 here) detailing Patreon. Stay tuned!

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