The @SolusProject Patreon is now at 376 Patrons and $1,319 USD per month. Significant drop since our blog post (1200 USD) but I want to see both of those numbers hit zero! If you're a Patron, please cancel your donation ASAP and read

At present, Patreon has been taking upwards of 9 days to respond to my support tickets regarding Solus and they only are getting back to them after I practically necro the tickets.

@SolusProject Example of the sort of delay I'm talking about. For context, my ticket response on Oct. 20th was informing them of my intent to publish the blog post and providing them the opportunity to respond and resolve the issue. They did not respond until after my second follow-up.


@SolusProject Prior to that, it took 1 week for a response (Oct 17th was a reply to my email on Oct 10th, which was my second support ticket I raised).

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