The @SolusProject Patreon is now at 376 Patrons and $1,319 USD per month. Significant drop since our blog post (1200 USD) but I want to see both of those numbers hit zero! If you're a Patron, please cancel your donation ASAP and read

At present, Patreon has been taking upwards of 9 days to respond to my support tickets regarding Solus and they only are getting back to them after I practically necro the tickets.

@JoshStrobl @SolusProject
I think you want to replace patreon. For that you can look at it is a great platform.

@JoshStrobl @SolusProject
Yes I read that and precisely, allows payments in traditional currencies but also in crypto-currencies. The biggest advantage of is the number of different payment methods. And soon will allow recurring payments like Patreon.

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