Nothing like some deep fried cod and a Daiquiri de la Fresa after walking around. Nonnom.

Lovely view of some of the city from Espigón De La Playa in Fuengirola

Just deployed a new Activity section on my personal site. Just tracks my Mastodon account at the moment but eventually it'll be where my posts go directly then get shared out. The Activity page leverages the RSS feed provided by Mastodon, parses and caches it to reduce network requests, then creates the posts on the page for it. It will re-check for new posts about every 5 minutes.

Also added a header to my blog page (just for Personal v.s. Tech).

Finally back to a real beach, with soft sand and enjoying the smell of the sea.

I see my cat has had no problems getting used to his carrier.

Tidbit: There's a reason in the Budgie screenshot for Solus 4, Sort of Revolution by Fink is the song. Lyrics kinda resonate (as does the codename).

We've come so far, it feels so real.
All this time, that we've waited for it.
And who we are, and where we're going to.
All this time, preparing for it.

Also simply: "We'll organise a sort of revolution."

Everyone: Surely those Solus folks are gonna take a short break now that they released Solus 4, right?

Us: Here's a Plasma 5.15.3 update in progress.

Everyone: *surprised Pikachu face*

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of 4 , a new major release of the Solus operating system. Check it out at

I'm writing release notes for something. I leave it to you to ponder what it is 😃

Due to the later-than-usual sync this week, I'm going to be pushing back the Week 10 sync until next Tuesday. Feel free to read more at - Joshua

We are currently aware of issues with updating some packages on the stable / shannon repository. We will have updates on our dedicated discussion topic for this at

#phpBB prend une retraite bien méritée après des années de bons services et c'est à présent #Flarum qui prend le relais comme espace d'échange pour la communauté #Solus

#phpBB takes a well-deserved retirement after years of good service and it is #Flarum that takes over as a forum for the #Solus community

We are really excited to be introducing our new community forums! With the introduction of our Flarum-based community forums, we will have a new centerpiece to community engagement that provides us with the user experience and flexibility we've long desired. Read more at

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