All aboard the migration train! πŸš‚ Just moved to (Fosstodon) from Seems like it's a more active, up-to-date Mastodon instance. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

Unfortunately given post migration isn't a thing, can't move my history from here to there, so I'm going to keep this as a locked account so folks can at least check the post history if they want but not follow. I went ahead and updated my site to point to Fosstodon as well!

I set up a Fosstodon account and noticed that there isn't an option to re-upload my toots and other data from this tarball, only a subset of my data (which I actually need to export as the CSV). Am I missing something? Would hate to lose out on all my posts.

Anybody have suggestions for actively maintained, reliable Mastodon instances? I've had nothing but problems with, constant outages and their use of an old Mastodon release.

Streambits #Collea Alpha 1 deployment going well πŸš€ Some early #WebSocket related issues have been resolved, both Pings and automatic connection cleanup working as expected.

Let the testing and even more rapid product iteration begin!

That moment when you're doing the setup for @streambits Alpha 1 deployment and forget you have to do this stupid dance with Fedora to enforce systemd cgroup hierarchy as 0 to not force cgroups v2 so your Docker container works.

@streambits Oh and as much as I love gorilla mux for HTTP routing / multiplexing, 38.34kB of memory for it is being spent on its use of regexp alone. That is 23.50% out of the 65.81% being allocated for mux router ServeHTTP for a served http *conn. That's no good.

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@streambits Out of 16.36kB for a gocqlx Select call, 12.35kB (75.4%) was just go-reflectx. In comparison, the rest of my load funcs in various parts of the stack range from 4.12kB and 8.24kB.

For one of my API handlers, 27.62kB was just json Encode, out of 39.88kB. I performed two calls of my load funcs for the rest of that.

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Two things I'm concluding by implementing memory profiling in my backend for @streambits :

1. JSON encoding is hella expensive, several times more than calling load funcs in Streambits Core.
2. go-reflectx is the devil and I need to kill off my usage of gocqlx.

Why do I get the feeling I'm on a fairly dead Mastodon instance? 8 people using a tag really shouldn't be considered trending πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

@streambits That just ends up complicating the implementation of that support and product iteration to the point it has little to no ROI, even for myself sometimes. That's shitty, both developers and end users deserve better.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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@streambits So what you end up with is a situation where you'll need / want to use HTML Element dir attribute specific styling, :dir where supported, direction specific margin and padding, and margin / padding block / inline where supported. Just so you're not alienating a bunch of people.

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@streambits What is so bothersome about this as well is companies like Apple pride themselves on accessibility but then don't extend that to the Web (lack of :dir support in Safari). Firefox unsurprisingly supports everything I talked about.

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@streambits While you 100% can achieve RTL support on websites nowadays, you're likely doing so by using the :dir CSS pseudo-class and the dir attribute on HTML Elements. Hell, even :dir isn't supported in Chrome, and an issue has been open for over 4 years on it.

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@streambits Using block and inline (margin-inline or margin-inline-start, as examples) can greatly simplify support for RTL as well ideographic languages (which can be written LTR or top to bottom), so I was quite surprised when I saw that Chrome lacked support given how diverse Google is.

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PSA if you do , MDN isn't accurate in representing Chrome's support (well, lack thereof) for margin/padding block and inline. Had to deal with this when working on the @streambits website and currently on .

Got direct image embedding implemented in #Streambits #Collea alpha thanks to some work we did on our open source link parsing library. We'll be extended this soon to other "types" of links like direct links to videos, adding fancy lightboxes, and more!

Link parsing library:

Spent some time before an internal alpha deployment of #Streambits #Collea to implement some niceties like a basic User Card. Ties in well with some new Streambits Core features for Accounts like generated username tags for mentions and global + server specific display names!

This cover of Wicked Games by The Weeknd for Westworld is pretty damn good (IMO the actual song is absolute trash). Been stuck in my head.

Up until a few days ago, I went throughout my life not knowing about POSIX character classes like :alnum:, :ascii:, and :punct:, and have instead been writing those regex by hand.

This simultaneously changes everything and nothing.

Whether you're sharing without a doubt the best song on the Internet with your team, or maybe a more slightly meaningful link, Streambits #Collea is going to have you covered.

You could say we're never gonna give you up, nor will we let you down.

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