Our maintenance is complete! We're now using the latest releases of Weblate, Phabricator, and Flarum.

If you have any issues, please report them to discuss.getsol.us/d/2453-compl

PSA: Planned service maintenance for our forums, development tracker, and translate web services are planned for Wednesday, September 4th. See discuss.getsol.us/d/2453-psa-s for more details!

Brisk Menu, our distro-agnostic menu implementation for the MATE Desktop, is now available to be translated on our Weblate! Do you want to get involved? Learn more at discuss.getsol.us/d/2040-brisk 🎉

While they only average 0.5mm in size, tardigrades harbor an amazing amount of complexity with a brain, digestive system, and even eyes (though they're just two photo-receptor cells).

Here's a great, short video on them! youtube.com/watch?v=kux1j1ccsg

A tease of some final touches on the design for the new Packaging section of the upcoming Help Center redesign for .

Yes, that is a Learn Solus Packaging section you see. Yes, that video series will be making a return. The dozens of you that asked for it will be happy 😄

Tune into the ferryd: The SQL hackfest tomorrow to see more! youtube.com/watch?v=lbrV0p1lUI

It's summertime and you know what that means, it's time to close our curtains, hide from the sun, and have another hackfest! In this hackfest, Bryan continues his work on rewriting ferryd to enable faster syncs, deltas, and indexing. I work on the Help Center redesign!

Tune in on Thursday, July 4th at 10am Eastern, 2pm UTC at youtube.com/watch?v=lbrV0p1lUI

I've been trying out Firefox Preview for Android and Mozilla certainly wasn't kidding about the speed improvements. Not so sure about the tab switching though.

I'm glad to see Canonical listened to feedback from their community and partners and will work w/ their community to determine the best way forward to supporting the "legacy" software they need.

However, I hope that they take the opportunity to assess better ways to obtain feedback before coming to decisions on future matters that could affect such a wide range of their community. I'm personally doubtful that traditional mailing lists are the most optimal way to do so.


Quite literally enabling "32bit" support in most of our packages is a single `emul32 : yes` entry in our package.yml. Worst case is we dynamically set different compile-time flags. It's all built from the same package.yml, same version, same source, as the main package.

So with all the news about Ubuntu's 32-bit / multilib future deprecation / reduced support, I'd like to remind people that is happy to provide multilib libs for Steam, WINE, and specific binary compatibility, and we're typically able to do it with such little to no effort.

Leveled up my experience to GitKraken Individual today 🏆 Time to enjoy all the sweet sweet features in GitKraken 6 like tabs! And it's stupid fast now!

Simply the best Git client under .

Just encountered error code 408 with Spotify, it wanting me to change my region away from U.S. and back to Finland. How about no? I explicitly want U.S. so I get all my playlists and suggests in English. Uninstalled Spotify instead. Guess it is time for me to set up an open source audio streaming service on my home server.

Been testing Gitea as an alternative to Phabricator internally for work and holy smokes is it fast! Also is using substantially less memory than all the php-fpm + php processes, by virtue of it being written in Golang ❤️

Finally gave in, bought NordVPN, my Spotify playlists are now English. Hallelujah. Set up Chrome as my "this is for the U.S. stuff" browser and grabbed the OpenVPN files to throw on my laptop.

After listening to Spotify's generated "Tastebreakers" playlist, I can see why it is referred to it as "genres and artists you don't normally explore". Because this is music I'd never, ever, ever, want to listen to.

I've never smashed my "play next" keyboard shortcut harder.

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