Finally gave in, bought NordVPN, my Spotify playlists are now English. Hallelujah. Set up Chrome as my "this is for the U.S. stuff" browser and grabbed the OpenVPN files to throw on my laptop.

After listening to Spotify's generated "Tastebreakers" playlist, I can see why it is referred to it as "genres and artists you don't normally explore". Because this is music I'd never, ever, ever, want to listen to.

I've never smashed my "play next" keyboard shortcut harder.

I've gone ahead and created a dedicated thread on our Flarum to help consolidate support queries for those which are not familiar or yet comfortable with our Development Tracker. - Joshua

The sync is now complete! Please report issues you encounter to or create a topic on as I'll be keeping an eye on both to push out hot-fixes. - Joshua

One of the largest syncs we've ever done to stable is happening right now, this might take a bit folks! We have the GNOME 3.32 stack upgrade, MATE 1.22.1 stack upgrade, KDE Applications 19.04 stack upgrade, and a bunch of package updates coming to you! 🎉

Me: Doing software development and talking to a colleague.
Wife comes in to my office: Hey, want a tequila shot?
Me: Uh...sure why not? *blinks*

What a strange life I have.

We're thrilled to announce the availability of the latest 3.32 Stack in the unstable repo, now available to brave testers! Read more about it at

Going to start pushing the GNOME Stack upgrade + Budgie git builds for tomorrow. Keep an eye on our blog for news about it, I'll put one out when the stack upgrade is complete!

That's a wrap on the streaming, stack upgrade is now complete locally! Will be testing it and updating Budgie over next few days, keep an eye on the Solus blog for further updates on it. Thanks to all that tuned in to the over 35 hours of streaming! 🎉

PSA: Will start my Sunday stream in about 30min or so. Just finishing up pre-stream packages that I got stuck on during yesterday's stream.

Going live for Saturday Stack Upgrades for . It's like a party that never ends. Just a really lame party. But you're welcome to join in nevertheless!

Stream will be starting in about an hour! Just sorting out some items that I didn't address on Thursday's stream. Will post when I'm live over at

Some of my fondest gaming memories as a kid were the long hours playing on my Game Boy Color (Blue), whether that was Pokémon, Earthworm Jim, etc.

Not entirely sure when / if I'll be streaming today, I have a server migration I need to do that'll take a few hours at least. If it's not today, I'll stream tomorrow for sure.

Anyone have any recommended alternatives to Google Authenticator? Haven't found anything that isn't tied to a service like LastPass and supports features like search and backup / restore options. Google Authenticator is starting to get unwieldy for me with all my MFA accounts.

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