We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Solus 4.1 Fortitude, a new Solus 4 series release! This release delivers a brand new desktop experience, updated software stacks, and hardware enablement. Read more at getsol.us/2020/01/25/solus-4-1 🎉🎉🎉

Updated necessary packages: ✅
Sent out validation images to testers: ✅
Blog post written and reviewed: ✅
Final ISOs cooked: 1/4

It's a Friday. The countdown is for Monday. Are...are we ahead of schedule for our own countdown? This is why we can't have deadlines. 🤦‍♂️

- Joshua

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone! ☃️🎄

That moment your work for countless months finally leads up to you being able to do actual UX development and not just architectural and SDK development. So incredibly satisfying.

Sorted out the Create Account view for said thing today as well and it went off without a hitch. 🎉

Today's favorite (and quite a beautiful) song: The Navigator by Vian Izak


Well, that's something different. It's like if Blade Runner and Mirror's Edge styling had a baby with Halo's Warthog.


OMG I love my new Aerobie Aeropress. Only going to make coffee the ol' fashion way if I need to make it in pot-side batches.

When you go to make your morning coffee and the coffee maker won't turn on.

Today's favorite song: Huggin & Kissin (This Be The Verse Remix) by Big Black Delta + This Be The Verse


Absolutely loving the new optional chaining and nullish coalescing operator in @typescript 3.7 😍


Pretty interesting read on sleep, brain activity, cerebrospinal fluid, and how it is responsible for helping wash away toxins that could be responsible for diseases like Alzheimer's.


This has been my life now for about a month with Spotify Discover Weekly. I listened to calm music for A DAY and ever since then my Discover Weekly has been nothing but calm music despite me marking them all as "I don't like this song". 🤦‍♂️

I've listened to loads of Elbow, Woodkid, Tool, HÆLOS, etc. and yet no recommendations based on that...

*make sure - Skipped words about as much as I'm downvoting and skipping this music.

Me: Listens to calm music for a day while coding.

Spotify: Okay we're gonna make your Discover Weekly for two weeks in a row is just calm melodramatic music.


Current job count (delta generation): 1836 tracked

Yep, this is gonna take a fair bit. Index should be updated but if you hit it at a time it's landing a delta into the index, just try again. I recommend reading our latest blog post before updating! - Joshua

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