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from "Escape from Gravity", my collaboration with underground prog rock legend Jerry King. It was just reviewed in the German hard rock magazine Break Out. It's in German and our crude translation suggests they liked it: "Musically you can find a lot: singer/songwriter elements, sometimes odd sounds, almost towards avant-garde, Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, John Cale, King Crimson and more... at special moments like a gourmet meal"

sure sex is great but have you ever waved goodbye to houseguests

Suppose you want to make a scale model of our galaxy using salt for the stars. First of all you will need 11,000 pounds of salt, the kind with the little tiny grains, not the chunky gourmet stuff. Next you will need a canvas the size of the North American Continent.

Whirlpools, blackouts, predator fish: What happens on the Colorado River’s descent to ‘dead pool’ | This is not fine.

#DeadPool #ClimateCrisis #NotFine #ColoradoRiver #GiftedArticle

We lost both Diane Noomin and Aline Kominsky-Crumb a couple months apart. 2022 has been a shitty year for comicdom.

"Who fucking cares?"

"How fintech fueled covid aid fraud

"Little-known firms such as Blueacorn and Womply allegedly collected taxpayer-funded fees as they overlooked signs of grift, according to a report released Thursday by congressional the expense of smaller borrowers in the greatest need, according to the report. As one Blueacorn co-founder, Stephanie Hockridge, remarked over the messaging service Slack about these applicants: “who f----- cares.” - Washington Post

🐝 🌏

Wombat spam.
Wombats have rear facing pouches. So as this mum is walking along eating grass, the little baby Wombat is having a little grassy nibble as well!
Also they have cubic poo, I'll post a picture of that next 😂

#MariaIsland #Tasmania #Australia #Wombat #Marsupial

"When Mastodon crashed in 2023, researchers were surprised by the cause: 'too many pictures of kitties brought down the whole system.' A general check of all significant servers and networks revealed that 'just way too many kitty pics' had been introduced into the USA's nuclear missile controls. The Russians became aware that the nuke systems were down and soon Russian troop ships were approaching the USA--but crashed into one another as a result of 'too many kitty pictures' in their network."

The Republicans will yawn and take no notice of this:

U.S. gas prices plunge toward $3 a gallon as demand drops worldwide

The price of gas is back to where it was before Russia invaded Ukraine, putting real money back in Americans' wallets.

Season's Beatings #krampus 

It's that time of year again! #krampus

(The Washington Post)
House Democrats elect first Black party leader in Congress and prepare for new generation

cartoon by Sophie Crumb, Robert's daughter. My heart goes out to Robert and Sophie as Sophie's mom Aline Kominsky Crumb just died.

And the argument of "adoption not abortion" is absolute BS.
A young couple we know, that are unable to conceive, are in the process of trying to adopt a child. The cost to adopt in the US is typically upwards of $10K. Lots of red-tape and "organizations" getting their $ cut. While thousands of kids age in foster care or institutions and become "unadoptable".

cartoon by Sophie Crumb, Robert's daughter. My heart goes out to Robert and Sophie as Sophie's mom Aline Kominsky Crumb just died.

Aline Kominsky-Crumb passed away. I always enjoyed her collaborations with Robert Crumb, and her own separate work. Condolences to Robert and daughter Sophie. I have good friends who are friends of Aline; regret I will never meet her now.

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