@Cherteapet I hope they can get the attached tech intact with divers or something, for intelligence purposes. And it's a good optic too.

@mirandayaver yes that's so bizarre. Something to do with excluding trans athletes or pregnant athletes?

In fact, it's really irresponsible to try to make an AI therapist. People go to therapists because they need help--and for some it's *really serious business*. It can be life or deaht.

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AI as it stands is way overrated, at least when they use it to literally replace people of skill and ability. It's like saying a late 19th century steam-powered car is ready to be the new transportation for all the world. But it wasn't.

"We keep trying to make AI therapists. It’s not working.
Artificial intelligence can play a role in mental health --- but only if we don’t expect too much."


Was interviewed on the Watt from Pedro Show

Watt maybe the best bassist ever in the alternative music scene...The Watt from Pedro Show is distributed on Apple music and Google Play...He plays some of the music from the album ESCAPE FROM GRAVITY by me and fellow interviewee Jerry King...Jerry sounds like a guy from Wisconsin which he is and I sound like I'm trying to figure out Mike's interview style. I love Mike's voice, way of talking. Will be on again.


After play sparring (see yesterday's post) Cooper and Surfer Dude are buddies again. Sparring is often for practice and development of skills, especially among bachelors. It is always fascinating to watch and learn from wild horse behavior.

Find Prints Here: fon-denton.pixels.com/featured

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@mekkaokereke It also has a lot to do with vested interests, powerful insurance companies and their investors. We need socialized healthcare for sure. There are ways to challenge an outrageous bill of that kind in California as I recall (I moved here from there 8 years ago).

And speaking of rats, sometimes, despite my unbridled support of the sciences, I wonder if Mad Scientists might really be a thing:

Human brain organoids respond to visual stimuli when transplanted into adult rats

In a study publishing in the journal Cell Stem Cell on February 2, researchers show that brain organoids -- clumps of lab-grown neurons -- can integrate with rat brains and respond to visual stimulation like flashing lights.


Land-dwelling rats are upending life for coral reef fish

When rats invade tropical islands, they can trigger a chain reaction that reverberates all the way to coral reefs, researchers say

"Rat-infested islands — or “ratty” islands, as the researchers call them — have far fewer birds, as the invasive rodents eat the eggs and offspring of the unsuspecting avians. The density of seabirds is more than 700 times higher on rat-free islands."


What a travesty :(

oh well, #ecars and #fusion will save us /s


"Climate change is one of the main drivers of species loss globally. We know more plants and animals will die as heatwaves, bushfires, droughts and other natural disasters worsen."

"But to date, science has vastly underestimated the true toll climate change and habitat destruction will have on biodiversity. That’s because it has largely neglected to consider the extent of “co-extinctions”: when species go extinct because other species on which they depend die out."

#Enviorment #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

@largess hydrogen is volatile and otherwise problematic--but so is gasoline. Even electric cars have some toxicity issues with their batteries. I have always said that a new technology is only half invented if it pollutes. But many a technology seemed unworkable at first...

@vortex_egg @GeoWend I have thought to perceive an esotericism-to-esoteric-fascism pipeline and was hoping i was wrong!

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