I have a one month old baby, and tonight I have stayed up late on the internet - so exciting!... It is 9:40pm. Good night everyone!

One thing I have not figured out: is it possible to link profiles on different instances? Anyone know?

I did *not* wake up this late, but I still feel like the first thing I say #onhere in a day should be good morning or good afternoon. Yesterday I took a day from the main repo and worked on preparing joinmastodon.org instead (homepage for the project as a whole). There's still a lot to be done on that, but it's shaping up

My general experience of social media (though I quit facebook) is that yes, I do get exposed to other view points (No, trolling is not another viewpoint, it is just trolling). I am a middle-of-the-road-centrist-milk-toast-bicycle-riding-liberal who ends up having conversations with radical-left-wing-anarchist-what-have-yous. Turns out there is a lot of middle ground.

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There definitely seems to be a big generational component to today's political situation. All this is happening as the baby boomers are entering retirement. This is the generation that moved to the suburbs, disconnected from their communities, and starting watching a lot of TV (excuse the generalities, but the statistics back it up).

The following generations are more inclined to stay put in cities, are joining groups and getting more engaged. Again, generalities, but not wrong on average.

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Interesting blog post on political polarisation: economist.com/blogs/democracyi

Surprise, apparently social media is not the end of politics. Shouldn't actually be that big of a surprise. The book Bowling Alone, published in 2000 described how real public engagement and also discourse has been on the wain for 40 years. One of the culprits: TV. I harbor hope that younger, internet generation will turn things around.

I just went in to my local bike mechanic to get my gears adjusted. The mechanic adjusted them on the spot and refused payment. And people wonder why I don't drive a car.

The concept of starting Intentional Communities, or Utopias, usually leads almost instantly to discussion of /failed/ utopias. And yes, there are those.

But that's because the failures are so particularly noticeable. The ones that work, we don't even think of as utopias any more.

* A university is an intentional community
* The Amish
* The state of Israel, frictions noted


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Mastodon etiquette question: I now have profiles on both .cloud and .social. Am I messing with the system by doing this? The plan is to eventually migrate to just one.

I also maintain a list of data sources on various subjects that interest me: energy, environment, urban dev, macroeconomics among others: jmaurit.github.io/data_resourc

I actively maintain a data site on the Norwegian economy, if that should be of interest to anyone. Suggestions welcome!


"...Your industry possesses the most powerful voice in America. It has an inescapable duty to make that voice ring with intelligence.... In a few years, this exciting industry has grown from a novelty to an instrument of overwhelming impact on the American people. It should be making ready for the kind of leadership that newspapers and magazines assumed years ago, to make our people aware of their world...."


This story also shows a big . We teach business students narrow fields like revenue maximisation for selling airlines seating, not bothering to ask them to consider the larger connotations and ethical questions that can give big-time blow-back.

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After just one day on Mastodon, I'm seeing what a huge and unnecessary limitation the 140 character limit on twitter is. Not enough to write a coherent and nuanced thought. No wonder twitter often devolves into shouting matches.

The United story (tinyurl.com/nyno7fz) is really beyond comprehension. First, I thought airlines were required to bid up the price until someone accepts, whether 1000 or 10,000 dollars. And even if they aren't by law required, what an idiotic, self-inflicted and in the end hugely expensive wound it is to forcibly drag a paying customer off a flight. Just wow.

Open source software is one of the great organisational wonders of the modern world. According to a lot of economics, it should really not exist. But amazingly it does.

Twitter gets nasty, maybe because people lose some natural instinct to be nice when not in person. Seems to be some attempt to make a culture of "nice" from the get-go on mastodon. I wonder if that will be maintained. Perhaps by the community?

I'm pretty excited about mastodon. 1.) I don't like the idea of the internet become corporitified. 2.) I don't care for my activity to be analysed in order to be marketed too. 3.) I'm an economist interested in non-profit/collaborative business models. 4.) Silicon valley is too Bro-ish

"A bunch of Twitter users want to buy the company and turn it into a co-op"

Hrm... We could save them a lot of money....


I'm hoping this lives up to the promise! I am interested in energy, urban dev, cycling as transport, statistics and python programming. Who should I follow?


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