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Well, using .NET Core for the unit test project worked a lot better! I guess it makes sense the newer stuff (compared to Framework) works better with .NET Standard.

The ugly news: the error message when .NET Standard versions mismatch isn't very helpful, you have to look up the matrix (docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotne)
to figure out what you should retarget.

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The good news: I know a little more about NuGet now.

The bad news: I still don't have a way to unit test a .NET Standard library in Visual Studio 2017.

Wow, xUnit doesn't work either. Am I gonna have to write my own unit test framework for this?!

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Unfortunately it looks like I may have been towing the Microsoft company line too zealously. .NET Standard libraries apparently don't play nice with the default Visual Studio unit tests.


is probably a neat enough name for the library. A little obscure for an app name.

Of course, now I see there's already a .NET Standard library for Mastodon... I kinda still want to roll my own, though...

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Hmm, mastodon.cloud had some sort of SSL error when I was trying to test its API, but mastodon.social didn't? Maybe it's on my end.

Maybe I'm betraying my lack of experience, but to /api/v1/apps you POST "key=value&otherkey=othervalue" but the response is JSON? Why not make both JSON?

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I'm not sure if I should put a flag in my display name or not. Is it more America-centric to proudly wave your flag or to assume that your country is the "default"?

To be clear, in order to make a client-side app that can connect to an arbitrary Mastodon instance, the app itself would have to register as a client w.r.t. ? So each user of my app would be registered as a separate client as far as OAuth is concerned?

I'm not saying that's bad, I'm just making sure that's the way people are doing it.

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