@aphyr fantastic write-up!

@mcc, the PKD novel is worth your time

(I’ve had Pale Fire on my to read list for too long. I must correct this. Did listen to a play adaptation of it this year)

@klardotsh @neauoire that’s definitely a concern of mine. Not just WBM either, random archive collections occasionally disappear already (or at least get hidden for unknown reasons)

Update: I fixed my desktop's theme; then I installed Firefox on a fresh machine, synced… desktop flipped theme back to system.

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I get a new theme each time I load it, and it's unpredictable which one it'll be!

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Firefox's colorways feature has caused my browser theme to fail to sync basically, since one host is configured to use a colorway that they've forcibly removed from the others. FFS

@endomain urgh.

If performance is acceptable, could you force xwayland as a workaround?

I saw this article about wayland recently that resonated with me (but it was pretty depressing)


People often lock their bird site accounts to hide their posts when eg applying for jobs. But you *can’t hide past posts* on Mastodon, only delete them. Locking just turns your account into approval for new followers. If you’re posting something you don’t or may not want publicly visible, either (less reliably) use followers-only/DM post visibility from the start, turn on post auto deletion after a few weeks, or (more reliably) consider not posting it at all and putting it elsewhere.

@JamesGleick aside from if there are any instance-specific rules/guidance, I wouldn’t self-censor on topic. Scientists and authors are humans and habe other human concerns; it’s good to show that imho

@pwaring 3D printers are far more fun. I just 3d print an embossed sheet whenever I need a traditional print

Freeports are where the .01% class store their Expensive Objects, and I always think they look like Quake levels.

@jwildeboer Bravo. The huge uptick in elitist gatekeeping toots has made my global timeline very boring in the last few days

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