I should probably be tagging these. Has the Fediverse converged on a set of 3D printing tags? ?

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Things I’d like to 3D print, part 27/n: replacement outer sides/shell for a victorinox swiss army knife

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Hey Fedi.

I have a acquaintance interested in mastodon. Looking for an instance focused around outdoorsy stuff. Any recommendations?

#askfedi #askfediverse


The secret to humanity's future in space is:
- Find the very best drugs.
- Ban computers.

Had a third full COVID vaccine, Pfizer this time

Never indicate semantic differences with only color. Always use the trifecta of color, shape, and text. This way, people who can't distinguish colors see shapes and people who can't see shapes can hear text.

Add texture where that's possible.

Things I’d like to 3D print, part 26/n: mini scale floor plans of my house with scale approximations of big furniture items, for exploring alternative layouts

Should online communities require accounts? My paper with @aaronshaw tries to answer this question. We started this project YEARS ago but its finally out in print in Communication Research! We've put together a very short video summarizing the work!

(To everyone saying "this is just an enterprise policy": Look at the conversations in the bugs.

Somebody said, to the Chromium team, schools are using Google Forms for testing, and the kids can see the right answers in the forms, so to address that, we want to prevent students from reading source code.

And without an ounce of pushback, without so much as a nod in the direction that this might not be the right solution to this problem, the Chromium team said yes.)

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