Thinking about keyboards this morning! I've finally pushed the button on step 2 of my master plan: bought a "beater" 2nd hand board with brown switches to make sure they're my preference

wow's local time line is choked with (what i would describe as) spam, and it's not immediately clear whether that's a ToS violation or not

thus my view of the global timeline is still stuffed full of porn and the like which I'd prefer to not see

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Amaroq for iOS (which appears to be discontinued?) has ½ of this: it's easy to ban an instance from a toot, but hard to visit that instance's timeline to judge whether to do so

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One of the most useful features of a Mastodon client (esp. mobile), IMHO, would be a quick route from a toot to its instance's timeline, and a nearby "ban this instance" button

Did some work yesterday putting together packaging for the macOS version and uh... I guess I just can't help myself

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One of the reasons I like the Keyboardio Model01 keyboard is the Any key in top left corner of the right half of the keyboard.

This was outside my wheelhouse and a real breath of fresh air. Someone forked it within a few hours to adapt to their needs which made me feel happy

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