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What do rich people say when they tickle their baby?

Gucci Gucci Gucci

I got fired from the Chess factory because I couldn't work knights.

When I get to 100,000 followers on Mastodon I will officially bring Mastodons back from extinction.

Boost and favorite this post to help make this happen ASAP.

Greetings. I'm an armchair student of history (not just tech history), but given that I've been involved in the development of the Internet continuously since the early DOD ARPANET days (so, technically before there *was* an Internet) I'm watching the Twitter->Mastodon migration (and the nightmarish, shameful disintegration of Twitter itself) with considerable interest indeed. There is no historical precedent that I know of, and what's happening is even more remarkable given that it has been precipitated by a single chaotic individual in a matter of weeks.

The high speed with which I see social graphs rebuilding here is fascinating, and we can be sure that there are a bunch of PhD theses and books in the future that will attempt to explain all of this for future generations.

Sometimes when you're living through significant historical events it's not obvious except in retrospect, often many years later. What we're living through now with Twitter is clearly significant history, from technology, business, social, and other standpoints.

And even if Mastodon turns out ultimately to be a steppingstone on the way to other social media models able to scale far upward more easily, it is playing a crucial role now in providing a "lifeboat" for Twitter users who are unable to stomach what is happening to that firm with every passing day.

For all its many faults over the many years, we built the Internet to be resilient. And what we are seeing today is that not only has the technology met that goal from ARPANET onward, but thanks to the Internet's vast numbers of dedicated and caring users, even a monstrous train wreck like Elon's Twitter can't bring it (or us!) down.

Thank you all! -L

Here's a ton more detail on viral reproduction than I was ever taught - or even knew existed!

Headlines like “Will this new Mastodon thing survive?” are funny when you’ve been on here for 5+ years

The level of mismanagement at Twitter is legendary.
It's got me wondering if Musk is actually really smart, and wanted to destroy Twitter in order to... what?

Fixed all three issues. None of this would have been caught in testing because it could only fail in production.
Production was set up differently than Test. FRUSTRATING!

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I’m reading a horror book in Braille.

Something bad is going to happen.

I can feel it.


Got an issue at work today needing to be fixed. Reading the report, it's clear there are THREE issues. I was able to fix one. Now just need a backup of the database to play with to find what's causing the other two problems.
The frustrating bit is that we tested and did not see these issues. This tells me we need better testing.
Sorry for being vague, just needed to vent.

CW: suicide 

Years ago my church referred me and my wife to counseling as we were having some marriage issues.
Long story short I had to stop before I committed suicide.
I'm no longer active in the church, and will likely never seek a therapist because of the trauma. A therapist could be helpful, and I hope nobody has an experience like mine. But, they will. How do you get a good therapist?
It's a moot point; there's no money for my therapy.
We need socialized health care including mental health.

Hi #Journalists! I’m working on an assignment for my Master of #Journalism, looking at the ethics and norms of reporting on #suicide hotspots.

Many of your outlet in-house style guides likely mention this topic generally. Could you share docs or excerpts with me?

Many reporting guidelines urge against mentioning specifics - like locations - but there may be a public interest in doing so (ie need for increased prevention efforts there).

Any volunteers sources out there (esp editors)?


Since the Fedi is way more popular now than it has been about 9 months ago I'm curious:

What is your current main operating system?

RT appreciated. 😉

In April 2013, the official Twitter account of Associated Press was hacked and tweeted that the White House was bombed. For the next few minutes the markets moved wildly and billions were wiped in market cap. FBI and SEC opened an investigation.

These days it takes about 8$ to pull off such a stunt. As we saw today, it wasn't long until someone would put 1 + 1 together.

The exodus of users and advertisers was bad, but wait until most publicly traded companies realize how massively exposed they are due to Twitter's mere existence in its current form. This is not a problem they can solve by just leaving the platform. 🍿

Hi! Lately I've been taking a real break from Twitter (logged out and everything) and it's been kinda nice.

Will probably not be on here a lot for a while, but hey. I'm here!

PSA: Please CW your eye-contact images. 

And I can imagine some (thankfully, not all) of the new people here wondering "gee, you guys are so sensitive, what's wrong with that?"

Well, here's the gist:

#Neurodivergent and #ActuallyAutistic folks in here :neurodiversity:​ do not appreciate images with eye contact, and much less images of angry guys cursing at you and looking at your eyes (yes, there was a post like that in my timeline; I've also seen elsewhere images of people laughing and pointing at the camera - I was bullied in school, how do you think that makes me feel? 😢​)

Even nice people smiling at you are still disturbing for neurodivergent folks.

"But if that's so disturbing, why didn't they complain before?"

And the answer to that is, YES, THEY HAVE, and they were harassed TO HELL.

So the reason why you never heard of people complaining about eye-contact images in twitter is because, as most neurodivergent folk, we've learned that raising our voice in front of hundreds or thousands of bullies is not going to result in anything good.

So you know what happened to these neurodivergent folks who were pushed away from twitter?

We moved to somewhere else. And that somewhere else is HERE.

Would you kindly consider that? Thanks in advance.

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