Uno photo.
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Taken near the Pima Canyon trailhead in Phoenix, Arizona.

This looks dead most of the year, but revives and shows its beauty when it rains.

On chilly mornings sometimes there are to watch on my morning walk.

I over did it today. Crashing.
Even this owl is giving me side-eye.

Step 2: clean, drain, and move to new location.
Still to come: fill, decorate, inoculate, cycle, and eventually get some fish.
Her is going to look great!

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My daughter has caught multi-aquarium-itis. Probably from me. She bought an old tank from someone who had it in their garage for a while. Considering the fish food that came with it expired before she was born, a long while.
Step 1: set up, fill with water outside. Failure will likely happen in the first few days and better a wet carport than 55 gallons in the bedroom. LOL

I'm not OLD, but neither am I a spring chicken anymore so my joints sometimes make noises. On my yesterday my knee was giving me trouble so I squatted down to pop it and relieve the pressure. I also had a water bottle in my pocket so it *CRUNCHED* at the same time. My hiking partner looked at me in horror and asked, "was that your knee!?"
It was hilarious.
Also, here are some nice photos, and does anyone know what the leafy bits are?

The level of mismanagement at Twitter is legendary.
It's got me wondering if Musk is actually really smart, and wanted to destroy Twitter in order to... what?

Found an old diskette yesterday while cleaning.
Sure brings back memories!

How to manage your money like a professional: Incorporate your life to reduce taxes!

How to properly manage your Money like the Rich - Tom Ferry

My Asian Long beans have their first flower! I'm so excited I wet my plants.

I planted sunflowers to attract the lovebirds and finally caught one on camera! Peach faced lovebirds are native to Africa, but have naturalized in Arizona.

It's a tiny wasp! I saw this in church today.
The Ensign Wasp is a beneficial insect - it feeds on cockroaches.
This lady, Evania appendigaster, searches for cockroach egg sacks. Upon finding one, she works ovipositor into it and lays a single egg which hatches and the larva then eats all the cockroach eggs, frees itself, develops into a mature wasp and flies off in search of more egg sacks. Go Evania, go!

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