Had lunch today with a former coworker. He said he'd cover the bill if I helped with an Excel task he'd started but couldn't figure out how to get to work. After overcomplicating things for a bit, as one does, I finally understood what he actually wanted. A few lines of code later, I had a working template he could edit to his needs.
I haven't touched in over a year, so was a bit rusty. It felt good to help a friend, shortening a 4-hour task to minutes.
Also, the brisket sandwich was tasty.

@Jirikiha I just started a job and found out that AD accounts were being created manually through GUI tools. Created an Excel spreadsheet that just kicks out a few PowerShell commands and that whole work flow went from 20-30 minutes to about 3. I love automating things.

@Jirikiha s/automating/streamlining/ in this case, since "automating" would be that when HR hires someone some system just makes the AD accounts automatically, but … you get my point. ;)

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