Paywalls limit access to quality information. Here's one way to sidestep them:
"How does it work?
The idea is pretty simple, news sites want Google to index their content so it shows up in search results. So they don’t show a paywall to the Google crawler. We benefit from this because the Google crawler will cache a copy of the site every time it crawls it.
All we do is show you that cached, unpaywalled version of the page."

Ascendance of a is a slow, calm story about a book lover reincarnated into a world with almost no books. The perfect to chill with.

I’m thinking this makes pretty decent reading/studying/programming music. The has a tune, rhythm, and flow - enough “data” to be interesting without demanding attention.

I like the future we used to have so much more than the one we’re getting.

A admin walks into a pharmacy

I can’t give you that.
“sudo ephedrine.”
Here you go.

The old lady owned few plates and more mugs than I thought reasonable - I was a guest so I didn't comment.

Meals were served thusly; a cow shaped mug for beef stew, a chicken shaped mug for chicken soup...

Dessert one night was a pumpkin shaped mug of pumpkin pudding.

One mug baffled me; pink and heart-shaped.

I asked what was served in it, and her smile revealed more pointy teeth than expected.

I left her B&B a very good review.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

New rules on debt collections: they can now go after debtors through social media.
This article is missing a vital aspect of the new rules: scammers. Once people know that legitimate debt collectors may contact them through social media then scammers will bank on the ignorance of the complexity of the new rules to part people with their money. How does the average person tell between a legitimate collector and a social engineering ?

Wildlife populations have fallen by 68% since 1970, a major report by the conservation group WWF suggests

It warns nature is being destroyed so fast by human activity that it is "driving wildlife to extinction"

[Thread] #news #worldnews

Every time I went to the bathroom I'd feel wiped afterward - until I got a bidet.
Now, everything goes swimmingly!


There are two wolves in your network. One is on your side protecting it, the other works to drain your company of profitability.
Which one wins?

The one you feed.

don't pay the ransom!

The beauty of a is in the “oy!” of the beholder.

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