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If you are on Twitter and want to find people who have opened accounts over here, someone made a little tool that scrapes Fediverse handles (and email addresses, since a lot of people drop the leading @) from the Twitter bios and display names of people you follow over there

Again playing with Mastodon since everyone seems to flee Twitter to the Mastodon fediverse (=federated universe, a bunch of separate servers forming a digital universe). Would it take off this time?

@ubports: Friday at 2pm at @mch2022camp
the UBports app dev workshop will start. First 30 people will get an exclusive training book.

Welcome UBports Installer 0.9.5-beta!

Improvements include: better assertions around the device recovery making the OS installation safer.
Better ADB error handling, bug reports and information about the issue.
For full details read the change log at:

Holy shit

It's no wonder the U.S. wants backdoors into encryption so fucking bad. They had it once for half the world and now they want it again.


If you need a new *free* home for hosting your FOSS infrastructure, OSUOSL is here for you! Donations gratefully accepted, but never required.


So, peeps. After a year of absence, is this Mastodon stuff still alive?

the existence of david letterman suggests the existence of a david numberman

Een Mastondon client op Apple IOS is toch eigenlijk een rare tegenstelling. #open #gesloten

If you ever code something that "feels like a hack but it works", just remember that a CPU is literally a rock that we tricked into tinking.

#programming #showerthoughts #funny

What do you call an alligator wearing a vest? 

An investgator

Je kunt nu op het overzicht van activiteit op heel mastodon kiezen of je vandaag wilt zien, dit uur of het vorige uur. Het is op erg stil...

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