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When you are very happy something happened that you want to let everybody know, but are reluctant to use social media because that shit is forever.

If Wikipedia had become a "success" per Silicon Valley standards, it would be full of ads and sponsored content, and instead of bugging you to donate every year, it would be bugging you to try Mentos, the freshmaker and sponsor of this article on dental hygiene

I think this might be worth some sort of mini-celebration. I never thought I'd live to see the day.

"the MP3 technology became patent-free in the United States on 16 April 2017 when U.S. Patent 6,009,399, ...administered by Technicolor, expired"

@adam registratie voor is nu open voor de Dutch community! (met dank aan voor de hosting)

We promised transparency, buckle in, I got a lot to tell you: I am now officialy Project Manager for the Mastodon Project. Why me? Because I was already in the middle of the web pulling strings, as the situation was right now. Mind you, I am in no way alone in this, there are plenty of people who are pulling together different parts of this project, and we are looking at how to give back to those people. What about the other roles? I will publish a blog post outlining this further tomorrow. 1/3

Anyway, 8M toots happened, 500k users is probably going to happen in the next 24 hours.

is it ever going to stop being weird how much more active and friendly every toot is, 380,000 users later

@gertdebra Be prepared people will still find it in the timelines of other servers and boost/reply. (Learned this from experience :)

It is claimed Ernest Hemingway once wrote a six-word short story that could make people cry for a bet. The wager was ten dollars, which Hemingway won with the following: 

"I think Mastodon needs sponsored content"

@NinahMarie Ik zou het doen als ik jou was. Wellicht kun je de vragen vooraf krijgen en dan kunnen verschillende mensen je helpen, mocht het nodig zijn... Goed man uit je comfortzone stappen. En onthoud: Je moet het wel zelf doen, maar niet alleen. And if all else fails.. dan wil ik best kletsen erover. Do it! We got your back! @jeroenpraat

GOOGLE BANK: "No plans to federate"

Speaking on behalf of Google Bank, Google prime minister lea.shepherd has confirmed that Google has no plans to federate with existing banks.

"Over the past twenty years Google has worked tirelessly to service our users and give them a unique brand." lea spoke, winking between sentences. "Allowing our users to transfer money to users of other banks defeats the purpose of this. Most companies support Google Bank alongside existing banks that use legacy country-based currencies. Even if we wanted to, there's no clear path from the personal information currency to traditional country-based currencies."

Google has been criticized by both the political left and the right for the introduction of their controversial user-personalized currency based on data mining, calling on Google to stop selling user's souls, or to value the souls of VIPs more.

Silicon Valley could not be reached for comments due to the robot outbreak.

today i learned an important lesson

here on mastodon the real content is the friends we made along the way, and that's beautiful

it's a real christmas miracle, what do you mean i have the holiday confused

Duolingo have announced their Japanese course! It’s going to be live in one month.

I’e set up an open Mastodon Club for anyone who wants to join and learn—or brush up—on their Japanese; to join Club Nihongo Mastodon, go to “Clubs” in the app navigation and enter the Club code *Q83EXU*.

To prepare, practise these hiragana flashcards with their tinycards app:

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