I snagged a copy of the Silent Hill OST on vinyl, but I feel pretty terrible that Akira Yamaoka isn't credited on it. mastodon.cloud/media/MqgLIOMMM

Double feature tonight: 'The Loved Ones' and 'The Devil's Candy'.

Thank you for your answers! Unfortunately, Tusky does not work with my Android version. I'll stick to Chrome as suggested. 👍

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Is there an Android app that works with .cloud?

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A joke where the punchline starts with "for instance"

A translation feature would be wonderful.

@FerdiZ I'm not sure if it was intentional, but your email address is showing!

Is .cloud down for anyone else? Getting a "Oops! An unexpected error occurred."

Mondo is releasing the Silent Hill soundtrack on vinyl this week and I couldn't be more excited! I don't even own a record player but who cares, because Silent Hill!

My thoughts after watching 'The Void': If you're into 80s B-horror films, give it a watch. Acting was a bit rough, but effects and atmosphere were great for a low budget horror.

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How is everyone's Friday evening going? Working on anything cool?

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