I've doing an AMA on reddit today, and the interrogation has now begun. If you're a writer or a reader and interested in my ImmerseOrDie review process, or just want to talk about how reader immersion actually works, come join the fun: reddit.com/r/fantasywriters/co

PS: Please don't hurt me. :-)

Who gave bankers all that power? I mean, why do they get to decide "bank holidays?" Does that make any sense? Just because the bank is closed we're all forced to stay home? You know who should really have that power? Retail clerks. If they all decided to stay home, there'd be no point in the rest of us going anywhere.

Know any indie authors who want more exposure? is open again for submissions. Books that have what it takes get some pretty lucrative exposure, and those that don't get a solid critique. Everybody wins.

Details at creativityhacker.ca/immerseord

Of these three media types, which one takes up the biggest part of your free time: reading, television, or video games?

For those who don't know , it's a tough-love book review series in which we examine how well indie books are able to hold a reader immersed in the story.

Well today, we had a rare winner: creativityhacker.ca/2017/04/27 mastodon.cloud/media/EyqmvMsrx

Trying to decide how to start my day: write, read, or nap? (O, the burdens of being a full-time writer. :-)

But as those systems mature and reach out to wider audiences, the rush to attract the demographic the center of the bell curve inundates the platform with the kinds of people who think kitten pictures are the height of discourse. It's not about the simple notion of familiarity breeding contempt. It's more about the inevitable polluting of the meme pool. (2/2)

OMG. What if "cool," "engaging," and "conversational" aren't features intentionally built into social media platforms? What if they're just common "infancy" problems that go away as the platform matures?

Since I installed an option to translate script to Mastodon, I've found myself actively seeking out toots in fresh languages to see what happens:

How coherent an output do I get for Russian? How close is the script to my rough translation for French? What are the really cool metaphors and phonetic usages in this language.

I appear to have accidentally gamified #multiculturalism.

Oops. Missed all those recommendations yesterday due to life intrusions. Sorry for not responding in a timely way. A couple of good suggestions there.

A friend asked for recommendations of "literary" SF novels. I always try to boost indie books when I can, but I'm stumped on this one. I can't think of a single book that fits the bill that is strong enough to recommend to a professor of Eng. Lit. :-(

How to get a private 🔒 toot to your followers on a different instance without mentioning them: if you have an account on that instance, mention it! That way, it federates and is readable by your followers there!

Wie du privat🔒einen Toot an Followis auf einer anderen Instanz machst, ohne sie zu mentionen: wenn du einen Account auf der anderen Instanz hast, mentione den! So föderiert der Beitrag und ist von Followis auf der anderen Instanz lesbar.

I've had more response about my eXopod book stands than I expected, so today I released the plans. Now you can build your own, if you are so inclined. Check out the fun at creativityhacker.ca/2017/04/21

It may not be flashy, but now my books can stand tall and pretty when I do my next signing.

If anybody wants deets: creativityhacker.ca/2017/04/21

So, what problem are you wrestling with​ today?

I'm trying to figure out how a culture with all capacity/instinct for violence bred out of it reacts when attacked by outsiders and backed into a corner.

Writing Tip #428 from ImmerseOrDie:

Heroes have to struggle for their rewards. Nobody likes a deadbeat who wins the lottery.

Things I've learned doing ImmerseOrDie...

#17: You might be oblivious to your writing quirks but readers are eagle-eyed, ruthless, and quick to anger.

Ooo. Just noticed the "filter out by regular expressions" feature. Shiny!

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