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Twitter makes first interest payment on Musk buyout debt - Bloomberg News - Reuters

Just occurred to me he likely committed perjury in his deposition and that just happened a few months ago so that would clearly still be in play. E. Jean has his DNA and he was dumb enough to be deposed. Shades of Monica Lewinski and Bubba both of whom should have defaulted.

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2. Pretty sure he never took anything home. He was going to give me a de-classified copy of his task force report but they never authorized one. After he died, I sent DOJ a FOIA request and they said they never heard of Iraq-gate. It makes sense because the guy who ran it was AG.

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House Intelligence Committee news:
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Schiff and Swalwell officially denied spots on House Intel, per letter from McCarthy to Jeffries

Meanwhile: An updated campaign finance report raises new questions about the source of six-figure loans that Rep. Santos gave his congressional campaign.

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A top, former FBI agent has been arrested. We don't know a lot at this point...

A psychic look at Ukraine over the next 5 months and Santos’ fate. #clairvoyant

Update: Rep. Steube is said to have fallen off his roof.

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US jobless claims drop to 190,000.
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JUST IN: Applications for US unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week, sliding to the lowest level since September

"The former Herschel Walker staffer who came forward to The Daily Beast earlier this month to detail a sexual assault allegation against conservative icon is now suing the powerful chairman of the ACU —for battery, defamation, and conspiracy."

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Confirmed: NOAA & NASA predictions agree a coming #solarstorm will graze Earth by Jan 19. Slow traffic in the solar wind ahead will likely cause a pileup before the storm so effects begin Jan 18. #Aurora possible to mid-latitudes. #HF & #GPS signal disruptions on the nightside.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is not mucking around. These new subpoenas go to the heart of potential crimes. One of my earliest predictions Post January 6th included wire fraud…it seems Smith is indeed following the money. I will be releasing my Trump in 2023 video tomorrow. It is certainly consistent with these latest round of subpoenas. This WaPo article is a gift, so no paywall.

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