So if you want to talk to all these people here or trying to understand what they are talking about, Nicetranslator is your friend:

みんな、すべての英語を理解したい場合はここでトゥーツ、Nicetranslator はあなたの友人;)

Okay, since most people here are in the sector, and there are lots of discussions related to on here, someone should know a good source of information for . I have an , and I hope to keep it for quite a while yet, like I did with my old Incredible S, but I'd like to stay up to speed with Sailfish as well, just in case. Anyone have any suggestions?

Okay, maintenance window just started. Time to get this deploy underway. Lots of infrastructure changes tonight - hopefully I don't screw them up. Fortunately, anything I can mess up can also be easily fixed. <3 the cloud!

@FerdiZ I don't think the servers are there, just the server's admin. I could be wrong.

@TheAdmin Do you want me to participate in the emerging FollowBot trend or do you want me to just bury this account? I leave my fate in your hands... :-)

@Jaxidian Mmmmmm. But can we switch to another instance without losing our toots and followers etc?

The only thing tooting now needs is direct pasting of images into your tweet. I don't even care about soundcloud/bandcampe embeds as much, but give me the ability to spread bad memes with minimal effort.

@codydh My understanding is that this is correct. The decentralized nature of Mastodon and design decisions such as that definitely seem to add confusion on how the system works for new users. On one level it makes sense but it's most definitely not obvious (nor the design decisions I would make myself).

Okay, I think I'm going to try to get a dev instance of Mastodon setup and running in Azure. Wish me luck!

While the website works surprisingly well, anyone out there started on a Win10 UWP app yet with mobile support? 😅

Is it possible to un-boost a toot that you inadvertently boosted?

Okay, next up: Time to create some new ML models and figure out how best to train them. I have SOOOOO much love for the Tune Model Hyperparameters module!

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