I felt that there was something extremely sketchy about this ad the first time I heard that it was paid for by the “Faith and Power” PAC. The name didn’t sit well with me.

Using Cambridge Analytica, Thom Tillis cheated to “win” against then-North Carolina US Senator Kay Hagan in 2014. Now he has Republicans helping him cheat again by trying to get the Democrat they perceive as weaker to be the nominee. I fervently hope that Erica Smith isn’t actually okay with this.


Pretty telling when the Republican governor of Texas refers to the theft of food as "wealth distribution" as if it was an optional luxury people can skip. I'm not advocating breaking the law, but a human being elected to work for the people should have a better plan.


@Jax_Rogue lmao, I didn't think about the thumbnail! I was just running through my Resistance Hero Motivation playlist in the bgd while juggling birdsite& here. That came on& I had to share!

Trump’s budget is a fraud.
Trump’s budget is a fraud.
Trump’s budget is a fraud.
Trump’s budget is a fraud.
Trump’s budget is a fraud.

Tell people you know. Call into shows. Write a letter to the editor.

We can do this.

Good morning my dear friends. I'm glad to be reunited with you.

Help the Democratic candidates out.

Keep talking about what a tremendous fraud Trump's budget is repeatedly, relentlessly, and from every angle.

Put the reality of it out there and repeat, repeat, repeat. The repeating is key.

This is the technique Faux uses to drill corruptican propaganda into the heads of their viewers. This is one way the Democrats can fight that and where we can help.

Trump’s budget reveals a tremendous fraud:

Now I know facebook is considered The enemy BUT that is where all my real life peeps are and there's plenty good there still. The petition I just posted for FB to stand and be counted for its shadiness came thru Facebook itself.

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