Tracking the days between layoffs in the games industry. Follow along in our LARP to secure workers rights

It was a really mean tweet I promise to be better in the future

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I wasn't going to tweet today but I saw a Chinese American come after black rights and I had to go off on him I am sorry

you know I guess masto is a good place to be excited about February that gave me a chance to do two grad school interviews

lol i never transcribed my talk from last year and I'm finally doing it now and oh my god i sound like a nerd

then in 0.5x speed I sound like a sleepy nerd that my typing can keep up with

Final day organizing before the jam and we are NOT crunching don't even ask

starting to see big separations in my social media representation.

Facebook - idk, I message on there and occassionally post "about" stuff
Twitter - games, shitposts
Instagram - all food all the time

Wonder how the toots will fit in

Please remember the golden rule, or the silver rule, or the laws of robotics. What do you want to see in the world? How would you like to be treated? We're all responsible for this. We're all responsible for ourselves.

Apropos of nothing, I get the most anxiety thinking of taking gym selfies

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