It appears Azure DevOps does have support for Mermaid diagrams, but only in the Wiki, not in regular Markdown files stored in the repository ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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So it's still not possible to change the playback speed of the audio (podcasts) in iTunes?

Seeing requests & questions back from 2018 and before.

I'm used to listening at 1.7 speed and now all hosts & guests sound kind of drowsy at 1 speed.

There's nothing like removing some obsolete projects from a solution, only to discover some key services are put in those projects ๐Ÿ˜…

Now I need to refactor this before able to remove the old projects. Some good Friday afternoon refactoring about to happen...

Is it possible to do a query like
Select User Stories with their child Tasks
Where Parent Feature has Tag `MyTeam`
in Azure DevOps?

There's a `Parent in (....)`, but then I need to specify all Feature Ids manually.

Did you know you can query Cosmos DB, and other repositories, from within the Data Explorer tool?

Me neither! One of my PMs,, just shared the `cosmosdb_sql_request` plugin in a chat.

This is awesome, also check the other plugins!

Looks like another (big) Windows Update happened.

All of my sound devices are activated again. Ugh, the churn we have to do after updates.

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