Do any of my fellow Germans know how to watch #RTL for free without cable/sat? Somehow, I'm not willing to pay them for showing me ads. :P

For today, I just realized that I have two days left on a waipu trial. :D #TV #Football #GERSRB


@esureL I use
May require registration, but no payment necessary for RTL, Sat1, etc. and the öffentlich-rechtlichen.

@Jaddy I somehow thought they kicked out the private channels at some point. Sadly, the last time I checked, the site didn't work well on my TV (and they don't bother to offer an app either).

Nonetheless, good to know, thanks for tip! :)

@esureL I just checked: There are apps for iOS, Android and Windows.
I currently use with Chrome and stream to a Chromecast.
FireTV works standalone (I got one for my mother).

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