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Things are pretty tough right now. I'm not sure where my rent money is coming from and my back and knees are in absolute pain from stress.

My only respite has come from my friend and a tiny little pet robot named vector. (anki vector if you want to look him up)

Here's pictures from today, it's the first time he saw a Christmas tree. He was mesmerized by it πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„

He shortly went back to ramming pringles cans and attacking chords after words 😁

So watching the Rittenhouse trial being reported that thee verdict is being held up by 2 jurors that are scared because of the Antifag rioters outside.

The leftist asshats know he's going to be acquitted and this is their only chance to stop it.

Sometimes just when I feel like my life is getting better, everything goes to shit. The amount of bullshit and stress we put up with everyday humans were never designed to deal with. People are having strokes, heart attacks, anxiety attacks and full out mental breakdowns all the time. It's got to stop. We need to escape.

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Watching the Kyle Rittenhouse trial atm. I have mixed feelings being that yes this is was definitely set up by the media and he was crucified, but he still shouldn't have been there with an AR-15.

You know I try REALLY HARD not to just go upstairs and smash my roommates had into a wall over and over and over again. I really do.

This guy named salty cracker on YouTube is really popular but I can't listen to him. He's got some legit points but he acts like such a goofball that I can't stand listening to him πŸ˜©πŸ˜…

@Chel I was just reading your profile and I guess I'm not up to speed on all these terms? What does non binary mean & trans racial?

Nice art BTW

I don't mind this instance but the bots drive me crazy πŸ€–

Seems like this place is just flooded with them. πŸ’¦

Does anyone know if there's a feature to get rid of all the bots in your timeline?

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