@peeteepee yes Mastodon has always been a far more screwed up place than Twitter ever hoped to be, from the hentai cartoon porn too the weirdos from furry fediverses etc Mastodon has something for everyone, and that includes truly disturbed people 😊

@peeteepee look, Mastodon isn't there problem here. The way you're thinking is. If you're going to go into the federated timeline then accept the fact other people are going to talk about stuff you don't like, don't like it? Then get off the federated timeline and stay in your home instance. Very simple.

@sean hmm, maybe in settings? I use toot and it doesn't show those numbers. I didn't think they showed those at all on mastodon 🤔

@HamonWry @clive yes people here don't act like raging assholes, and all people are aloud to speak not just the leftist trans kids that scream racism to anything anyone else they don't agree with.

@clive be a nice article to read if it wasn't behind a paywall.

@Spix_Weltschmerz_Pucket @davidrevoy try toot, it's the best app by far and makes it very easy and fun.

It's like the equivalent of tweetbot for Twitter. 😊


@schradin yes I agree. Unlike Twitter you can't be verified on Mastodon (well you can on gab) and so celebrities won't come here bc they can't control if someone impersonates them etc.

Mastodon is a much different animal and community than Twitter. People here like engagement and conversation, not what the Kardashians are doing.

There is no trending feature here, and that's deliberate bc they don't want people brigading on the latest trend, they want organic conversations.

@clive @jlori @mastodonusercount what I think is going to happen is that Dorsey is fast tracking bluesky, & the leftists will flock to to it. That will become the next big platform bc the left doesn't have alternatives like the right bc they thought Twitter was going to last forever under their control.

the right got canceled and banned from twitter and went & made gab, gettr, parler, TRUTH etc and have lots of places to go but the left is just experiencing this now for the first time ever.

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@lostlifefound Mastodon is more intimate than Twitter. Twitter is like being at rock concert with 100k other people and no one can hear you in the crowd vs having a small town feel on Mastodon.

@magpiemind no, I use toot on ios and I can switch between accounts with a button.

@jlori @mastodonusercount @clive interesting article. The long and short of it is that Mastodon is not Twitter and does not want to be Twitter.

Most of them will leave, right now they're just like water buffalo being hearded off a cliff and piling into Mastodon completely blind, but that'll die off and they'll go back to Twitter soon enough once they realize this isn't anything like Twitter.

@schradin I haven't seen any real celebs come to Mastodon have you? AFAIK they're still all on Twitter.

@Dion that's a good idea and what you need to get Mastodon to truly succeed. You need people to be able to EASILY find people from Twitter on here and unfortunately that just isn't the case.

@Landwomble yep what made usenet amazing wasn't just what I could find there, but it was the community. That's why I love private torrent sites. 😊

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