@maryjane but they also want to make tor illegal... at least in Germany! @eloisa @Gargron

@jr @maryjane @eloisa @Gargron they do???

Even if they do you can still access tor with a VPN (which most do already) so what's the point?

@Jack_Frost they want to make it illegal to run tor nodes for example because "you help crime with this"

@maryjane @eloisa @Gargron


@jr @maryjane @eloisa @Gargron seriously?

I guess most nodes will just be hosted outside the EU shrug

@Jack_Frost it's not a EU thing at the moment as far as I know... only German federal concil started to decide about it as far as I know

@jr hmm that's messed up. Why does it seem lately the EU is making bad choices? They're usually the ones with common sense 🇪🇺

@Jack_Frost I'm not sure... but as I said at the moment this is only for Germany... but from Germany the step up to the EU is not far...

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