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Well it's official, we now have a black fag in house the Dragon.

The new woke black little mermaid has hit over 2 million dislikes in 2 days already. 😂😂😂


You know what we should do to them what they do to us. Let's remake the fresh prince of bel air with all white people and when they lose their shit call them all fucking racists 👌🏻

You know what pisses me off? & every other guy that's ever lived, women that play fucking dating games.

Take for example the latest one to happen. Meet woman on dating site. Chat, exchange numbers & agree to go for coffee sometime.

I text her. She says it's her work phone number so don't text her, just email her. Ok.... then why the fuck did you give me this number in the first place and not just an email address?!?

So email. Haven't heard from her since.

And then they wonder why Men snap

How come in this account I can't see the federated feed only my local feed? Is there a setting I'm missing?

Going to watch the second episode of (rings of power) the first one was great, besides the black elf. Not sure what everyone's problem with the show is 🤷🏻‍♂️

Getting back into with

Boy have things changed since the last time I played! Arena is alright but it's not MTGO

Anyone watching ?

I watched the first episode tonight and was pretty impressed. The production is great and some people are bitching about black people in it but that doesn't bother me, although having a black elf is kinda odd.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there 😀 🦃

Feeling a bit better today. It looks like I'll have maybe a job where I can get ahead a little bit if I'm lucky. That would be nice instead of struggling for once.

So I'm watching squid game, that wierd Korean show on ShitFlix. It's petty bizarre and childish but still very cold. It saddens me because it reminds me that humanity can do anything to each other, and every time we think we've seen the bottom, we see something worse.

Anyone else watch this? What's your thoughts on it? No spoilers please I'm only on episode 3 😊💭

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