Who Will Find What The Finders Hide? (2019) --- The dark, fascinating story of a child trafficking ring that has been swept under the rug



This is the Zodiac Speaking (2007) Documentary covering every aspect of the investigation, including interviews with the original investigators and surviving victims (01:41:08)



Pride Never Died (2019) - History of MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko. Fedor is considered by many as the greatest of all time. Watch Fedor's journey in the Pride Fighting Championships. (1:33:50)



Gypsy Blood | Fighting Documentary | BBC Documentary (2019) "An intense and beautifully shot documentary exploring the legacy of violence handed down through generations of gypsy fathers to their sons, told through the poignant stories of two Irish traveller and Romany gypsy families"



The God Delusion (2006) The God Delusion, is a television documentary written and presented by Richard Dawkins in which he argues that humanity would be better off without religion or belief in God.



Living for the sake of living instead of living to earn numbers on paper so I don't starve to death or die of exposure in the heat or cold.

That's what life is now. Working to make someone else rich so you have the permission and privilege to stay alive until your of no further use to society.

I wonder sometimes what my life is supposed to be. Just a meaningless existence that comes to an end?

I wish I could live life and enjoy it instead of being enslaved to 💰and just trying to get through it.

Crumbling America (2009)- documentary on the failing infrastructure in America, how it caused past events, and will cause future disasters.


On the upside in guildwars2 I've been farming enough gold to finally craft aurora 😎🚜🥇

I see this world and where it's going and it doesn't look good.

If there is a God and we were created in his image, it sure is a broken image with lots of shattered glass and blood in it's wake.

I sit here with this internal struggle for existence and the fury and hatred of a life that seems to burn around me.

The more I try to put the fire out, the more it burns everything down around me.

Is this life?

I can feel my life fighting. I'm not sure what to do. As depression and stress fills me from recent events, I feel my mind trying to justify my existence.

To stop the rest of me from giving into the void.

There's nightmares and blackness screaming for my downfall, waiting to feel the blood of hopelessness and defeat. Waiting to relish in the screams of dreams I've buried alive.

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