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GOP crime News is going so fast now. I highly recommend

she rocks.
all the other podcasts at

Bob, Jody, and TRex document the fall of the presidency into the Trump dictatorship, and more!

Despicable Barr lowered in a nutshell.

Lawrence: Barr Will Have Trouble Explaining Himself Before Congress | Th... via @YouTube

This is the heavy one to watch, it's a good lesson. Thanks, Rachel.

Maddow: With The Rule Of Law Failing Under Trump, Just Diagnosing The Pr... via @YouTube

Why does this AoU scene make me think of the current state of things?

'Here we all are, back on Earth, nothing but our wit, and our will to save the world.'

This is amazing to watch.

MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi 2/13/20 | MSNBC News Today Fabruary 13 2020 via @YouTube

More protest resignations.

First on CNN: Jessie Liu resigns from Treasury after pulled nomination - CNN via @GoogleNews

Trump’s most unpopular position, outranking health care, immigration and foreign policy as the issue he gets the worst marks on from registered voters.

Trump's Biggest Vulnerability Isn't What You Think via @MotherJones

All the cronies, the whole family, sic Kamala Harris on them with a real court. Make Putin regret screwing with America. Clean house, or in this case senate.

This opening is brutal.
Joe: All President Donald Trump Is Doing Is Hurting Himself | Morning Jo... via @YouTube

Full The Rachel Maddow Show 2/12/20 - The Rachel Maddow Show Feb 12, 20... via @YouTube

2020 is here and we must and change the course of this nation.

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